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Welcome to the Terracrafters Wiki (2017)

On this wiki you will learn a bit about the history of Terracrafters, as well as some helpful tips while playing on there.

What is Terracrafters?

Terracrafters is a Minecraft community that was created back in 2012. Before it was known as Terracrafters, it was known as "World of ChoP" named after the owner; I_ChoPPerZ_I. Over the years, Terracrafters has formed a large community, some veteran players which are still around. It was created to form around the players themselves, and not profit. It still lives by these standards up to this day.

Terracrafters is now a showcase for the modern plugins, taking advantage of every little aspect of them. You can now fight NPC's, and talk to them to perform certain quests. There are also towns on the server that you can create to protect your builds. You can also create a nation to unite with other towns. Shops are available for you to purchase, and sell multiple items to gain a profit to keep your town alive.

Be aware, PvP is enabled in multiple locations on the map, and it's recommended that you take extreme caution around these areas. There are portals in spawn so that you pay teleport to certain locations all around the map. It's suggested that you take them, unless you wish to speak to NPC's or explore spawn. Chests are also not protected, unless you create a town around them.

Terracrafters End Event (2013)

Terracrafters End Event (2013)

The World of ChoP (2012)

The World of ChoP (2012)

Basic Server Commands:

- /spawn (Teleports to spawn)

- /msg (Send a message to a player)

- /r (Replies to a message)

- /tpa (Send a teleport request to a player)

- /mail (Send a mail to a player, often used if they're offline)

- /warps (View a list of available warps)

- /rtp (Randomly teleport to a location on the map)

Useful Towny Commands:

- /t new (name) (Create a town)

All of the towny commands can be found here:

What Is An NPC? How Do I Know If It's Hostile?

An NPC or "Non-Player Character's" are use for different quests, and also have different powers. You can find many NPC's around the Terracrafters spawns for different quests. You may ask, what is a quest? A quest is when you click on and NPC, and they talk to you about performing a certain task. Once you complete the task, you talk to the NPC again, and receive your reward, or your new mission. You may also find that there are NPC's that will attack you in different areas, sometimes if you attack them first, sometimes auto attack. Here's how you can identify if an NPC is hostile.

Red = Hostile, Yellow = Neutral, Green = Friendly, Blue = Guard

How Do The Ranks Work Now?

The ranks for Terracrafters for previous years have been different. They were setup so that there were basic ranks, and donator ranks in this fashion [rank] USERNAME. The way the ranks work now is that as you gain mcMMO levels, you progress up the rank tree. A common question may be; "Do I lose my rank when I donate?" The answer to this question is no, absolutely not! We've thought about this question, and they was we've come to fix it is that you can pick out your colored stars, and then that shows that you're a donator, and your progression rank is your main rank. All of the perks from your rank, and donator rank will persist.

Progression Ranks

As you gain levels in mcMMO, you progress through the rank tree (Rank/PowerLevel):

Outlander (0)


  • /baltop
  • /bal
  • /pay
  • /tpa
  • /tpaccept
  • /ignore
  • /getpos
  • /list
  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /randomtp
  • /mail
  • /mail send
  • /tpdeny

Kits: newbie (upon spawning)

Citizen (30)


  • N/A

Kits: redstone, safehouse, slinger, wood

Serf (75)


  • /workbench

Kits: dye, itools, stone

Squire (150)

Unlocks 2nd home


  • /furnace

Kits: combat, food

Knight (250)


  • /anvil

Kits: exp, ranger

Baron (450)


  • N/A

Kits: escape, firework, horse

Viscount (700)

Unlocks 3rd home


  • /brew

Kits: diamond, dtools

Duke (1000)


  • N/A

Kits: N/A

Monarch (1400)

I can guarantee 99% of you wont reach this


  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Kits: ???

What Are The Staff Ranks?

The staff ranks are as follows:

Tier 1: Guide

  • Players in this rank are meant to help players with any information they may need on the server.

Tier 2: Moderator

  • Players in this rank are meant to moderate behaviors in chat, as well as search around for any hackers to report to the Senior Moderators.

Tier 3: Senior Moderator

  • Players in this rank are a relaxed Moderator, and are only brought to the attention of hackers, and griefers. They have a lot of say in what happens on the server, as they are directly under the Administrator position.

Tier 4: Administrator

  • Players in this rank are either a server owner, or a highly trusted member of the staff team. You may not see them on often, because they are working on the back end of the server mainly for plugin work. They are called upon if no other staff member is available to take action against a intolerant player. They also have access to all of the server commands.

Catching Mobs With Eggs (Percentages)

- Creeper: 50.0%
- Skeleton: 5.0%
- Spider: 5.0%
- Zombie: 5.0%
- Cave Spider: 5.0%
- Blaze: 5.0%
- Slime: 50.0%
- Ghast: 25.0%
- Enderman: 30.0%
- Silverfish: 75.0%
- Magma Cube: 25.0%
- Witch: 50.0%

- Chicken: 50.0%
- Cow: 50.0%
- Pig: 50.0%
- Sheep: 50.0%
- Squid: 75.0%
- Wolf: 50.0%
- Mushroom Cow: 25.0%
- Ocelot: 75.0%
- Bat: 75.0%
- Horse: 25.0%

Common Q/A

Q: Where can I apply for staff?

A: You can apply for a staff position on

Q: I got killed, can I get my items back, PLEASE.

A: Items can not be returned, it's a PvP server, and dying is one of the things you'll have to deal with.

Q: I have my town, is it possible for me to add my friends to it?

A: Absolutely, by using /t add (name), you can add your friends, or random people to your town.

Q: My town is beautiful, is there a way for me to share it to people?

A: Absolutely! You can share your town with people through the forums on

~ If any common questions on the server are asked they can be added here at any time ~

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